News | RunYoung Investment Named to the “2020 List of Most Active Venture Capital Funds in Israel”

RunYoung was named to the 2020 list of the most active VCs in Israel as the only Chinese VC fund listed on the list. On March 22nd, the latest, “Report on the Most Active Venture Capital Funds in Israel 2020”, was released. RunYoung Investment was honored to be on the list. The report ranks Israeli and foreign venture capital funds based on the number of first-time investment deals (the first time a venture capital fund added a company to its portfolio) in Israeli high-tech companies in the past year. With five successful investments in Israeli startups in a single year, RunYoung Investment tied for ninth place on the list and was the only Chinese venture capital fund listed.

Top-level Links Between Research and Practice of Translational Medicine: Dialogue Between Experts from the Cancer Hospital of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

On March 31, 2021, Professor Hong Zhao, Deputy Director of Hepatobiliary Surgery at Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and some other outstanding young and middle-aged experts, had in-depth communication with Aaron Ciechanover, the 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and his team. The main topic was related to basic medical research and its transformation into clinical practice. Prof. Jianqiang Cai, Vice Director of National Cancer Center/Vice President of Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, attended the conference and gave the welcoming address.

Breaking News | Eli Keshet, RunYoung’s Overseas Expert, Receives Israel’s Highest National Award for Life Science Research

According to the latest Israel National News, Yoav Galant, Israel’s Minister of Education, announced on February 25th, that this year’s Israel Prize, Israel’s highest national award for life sciences research, will be awarded to Professor Eli Keshet. He is being recognized for his “pioneering contribution” to understanding the mechanism of new blood vessel growth in hypoxic conditions. The award judging panel said that Professor Eli Keshet’s research process “has had a profound impact on the development of many diseases including retinal disease and cancer.”