RunYoung is a platform dedicated to the technology transfer of globally innovative medical technologies. We invest in and nurture the development of pioneering medtech technologies and first-in-class drugs from overseas for the Chinese market.

We fund healthcare science that has potential for commercialization in China.

Our headquarters are in Shanghai, our tech transfer platform is in Changzhou and our international operations center is in Israel.

Our Advantages

  1. Robust Runway for Landing Medical Technologies in China

    RunYoung’s Joint Ventures and partnerships with local commercial leaders give scientists and their technologies access to the world’s second largest healthcare market.

  2. Millions of Dollars of Capital for Medical Technologies

    Sixty million USD worth of direct investment capital managed by RunYoung to help international scientists advance and commercialize their science.

  3. A World-Renowned Team of Leading Medical Experts

    Nobel Prize winners, leading academicians and industry experts in China and globally help to shape the technology for rapid commercialization.

  4. Professional Healthcare Investment Team

    Veteran cross-border healthcare fund management professionals backed by a multinational legal team ensure convenient access to capital and sound contracts for commercialization.

  5. Active Government Support

    Backing by a number of domestic government agencies and industrial parks provides access to grants, tax breaks and loans to accelerate the landing of overseas projects in China.

  6. China Market Development Resources

    Established system for incubation, production and sales of overseas products in China adds value.

RunYoung’s Value

Value Added Early Stage Investment Capital

  • Investment for your research in your home country
  • Capital for development in China
  • Access to loans, grants and tax breaks in China

Scientific and Product Development Intelligence

  • Access to top scientists in China to cater your technology to China
  • Access to R&D Resources in China
  • Access to resources in Israel to help develop the technology

Resources in China

  • Know-how on how to tailor the research for commercialization in China
  • Access to world’s second largest healthcare market
  • Opportunities for exits for overseas entity by Chinese companies

Comprehensive Coverage of All Phases of the Medical Product Life Cycle